Funny Cat Names

Bringing home a new kitten? Each cat is unique, and there are thousands of cat names, some better than others, which makes choosing one a difficult task. What is the funniest name you ever heard? Your cat's size and color can provide you with ideas for the best choice. Do you have a pet with a funny personality? Use this list to help you find the best funny cat's name. So take your time and see if any of the names would be a good match to your cat's striking appearance. Be careful, that you'll be using your cat's name in public. Do you have a funny name? Meow!

Bubba, Butt, Urea, Liver, Sausage,  Power, Squirt, Brain, Silly, Afro, Gonorrhea, Bingo, Cosmo, Lulu, Fish, Maniac, Gremlin, Danger, Lover, Godzilla, Low-Fat, Tiger, Phantom, Sox, Banana, Jumper, Terminator, Outlaw, Dracula, Virgin, Spooky, Pluto, Bad, Diablo, Pumpkin, Alf, Trouble, Maus, Morgana, Conan, Nightmare, Pepper, Mascara, Lucyfer, Jojo, Milkshake, Geronimo, Hunter, Chaos.