Cool Cat Names

What are some really cool kitty names? Are you looking for a unique name that has a cool and edgy sound to it? Naming your cat is a combination of smart thinking and personal decisions. But be careful, is not a toy, it's a living creature. What is the perfect name for your kitty? What color is your cat? How does your kitty act? I like unique names that you don't see too often, but one that has a cool meaning behind it. Sounds and popularity are both important in name choices. It's really important to take some time and choose the best name. There are thousands of names, some better than others, if you need some inspiration, here is the list of them.

Dreamer, Shadows, Freak, Lover, Shocker, August, Wings, Misery, Exotica, Fantasia, Alien, Pantera, Manic, Jewel, Majestic, Vampyra, Zenon, Wisdom, Rapture, Ghost, Faust, Soul, Witch, Mistress, Aggressor, Rider, Maximus, Colt, Chronic, Spirit, Passion, Storm, Destroyer, Disguised, Genocide, Willow, Venus, Joker, Seductress, Thriller, Sinner, Thunder, Hangman, Tor, Seducer, Panic, Hysteria, Ecstasy, Dancer, Orion, Venom, Zombie, Jezebel.


Top Cat Names

Ever wonder which are the most popular cat names?  A few of the names on this list might sound as names of people you know, not necessarily for cats. People have even been known to name their pets after someone because their physical characteristics remind them of that person. I am, personally a fan of real names for cats. Not everyone agrees that the rationale behind a name is crucial. Pets have horoscopes too. The cat is the fourth animal symbol in the 12-year cycle of the Vietnamese zodiac. A horoscope shows how the stars influence your pet's unique personality and behavior. Bringing a new cat or kitten into the home is a decision that must be made with care. They have individual personalities that make each and everyone of them really unique. They can bring a big smile to anyone’s face with their cute eyes. Get to know your pet. Personality can play a crucial role in defining your new pet's name, so take this step seriously. Your cat is unique and its name should be as well. Find best names for your kitten.

Top Names for a Male
1. Tiger
2. Duke
3. Max
4. Simba
5. Bandit
6. Charlie
7. Romeo
8. Whisky

Top Names for a Female
1. Kitty
2. Misty
3. Lucky
4. Baby
5. Princess
6. Lulu
7. Sweetie
8. Molly


Funny Cat Names

Bringing home a new kitten? Each cat is unique, and there are thousands of cat names, some better than others, which makes choosing one a difficult task. What is the funniest name you ever heard? Your cat's size and color can provide you with ideas for the best choice. Do you have a pet with a funny personality? Use this list to help you find the best funny cat's name. So take your time and see if any of the names would be a good match to your cat's striking appearance. Be careful, that you'll be using your cat's name in public. Do you have a funny name? Meow!

Bubba, Butt, Urea, Liver, Sausage,  Power, Squirt, Brain, Silly, Afro, Gonorrhea, Bingo, Cosmo, Lulu, Fish, Maniac, Gremlin, Danger, Lover, Godzilla, Low-Fat, Tiger, Phantom, Sox, Banana, Jumper, Terminator, Outlaw, Dracula, Virgin, Spooky, Pluto, Bad, Diablo, Pumpkin, Alf, Trouble, Maus, Morgana, Conan, Nightmare, Pepper, Mascara, Lucyfer, Jojo, Milkshake, Geronimo, Hunter, Chaos.


Female Cat Names

Meow! Before you start picking up the female cat names, spend some time with your new kitten. Observe her physical characteristics, behavior and personality. Take your time, a name you select is going to be her identity.

For the female cat, popular names are:

Lily, Miss kitty, Baby, Cleopatra, Goldie, Sunshine, Elizebeth, Alba, Secret, Isis, Electra, Mia, Lisa, Molly, Sweetie, Mimi, India, Missy, Pussy, Daisy, Sheba, Harmony, Suzy, Beauty, Luna, Barbara, Misty    Ginger, Lulu, Carmen, Chelsea.


Male Cat Names


Find a male name for your boy kitten.

When naming a male cat, you need to know the personality of your cat to pick a name that corresponds with it. Also, make sure your cat understands the name, they respond to shorter rather than longer names. The names we pick are symbols and meanings of trust between human and pet. Take your time and see if any of the names would be a good match to your cat. Meow!

Popular Male Cat Names:

Tom, Max,Bandit, Elvis, Bruno, Snoopy, Blackie, Nemo, Gypsy, Charlie, Prince, Silver, Shadow, Whisky, Sugar, Romeo, Felix, Balthazar, Marcus, Ziggy, Fritz, Bing, Robin, Duke, Palermo, Carlos, Mozart, Orion, Morris, King, Enzo, Virgil, Rebel, Megellan, Nestor, Friday, Olivier, Gringo, Yang, Nimbus, Rembrandt, Salvador, Tango.


Cat Names

A special kitty, with a special name.

The cat name should say something about the looks and the character, the color of your cat is a big factor on how you might name them. The names we choose also symbolize our increasing connection to pets. More people consider their pets a member of the family and their choices reflect that. Our pet’s name will speak volumes about our own personality, insights, and even sense of humor. If you are trying to come up with a great name for your kitty, you can find inspiration in popular cat names here. What makes a cat truly exotic?