Cool Cat Names

What are some really cool kitty names? Are you looking for a unique name that has a cool and edgy sound to it? Naming your cat is a combination of smart thinking and personal decisions. But be careful, is not a toy, it's a living creature. What is the perfect name for your kitty? What color is your cat? How does your kitty act? I like unique names that you don't see too often, but one that has a cool meaning behind it. Sounds and popularity are both important in name choices. It's really important to take some time and choose the best name. There are thousands of names, some better than others, if you need some inspiration, here is the list of them.

Dreamer, Shadows, Freak, Lover, Shocker, August, Wings, Misery, Exotica, Fantasia, Alien, Pantera, Manic, Jewel, Majestic, Vampyra, Zenon, Wisdom, Rapture, Ghost, Faust, Soul, Witch, Mistress, Aggressor, Rider, Maximus, Colt, Chronic, Spirit, Passion, Storm, Destroyer, Disguised, Genocide, Willow, Venus, Joker, Seductress, Thriller, Sinner, Thunder, Hangman, Tor, Seducer, Panic, Hysteria, Ecstasy, Dancer, Orion, Venom, Zombie, Jezebel.

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